Essential Concepts in Reading for Bilingual Students by Maria De Lourdes Serpa

This is a definition of reading I can live with as a bilingual myself and as a teacher and teacher trainer of reading. Dr. Serpa in 1982 developed the following definition of reading. Reading is a language-based process that uses written symbols as a means of communication (Serpa, 1982). The SIX elements of Reading for bilingual English Language Learners (ELLs) from the National Reading Panel and the National Literacy Panel.

Despite of language, what type of ability grouping should teachers use?

Sharon Vaughn answers that in the International Reading Association blog site -the following question from a teacher. What Type of Literature Circle Grouping Works Best—Same Ability or Mixed Ability? Click here to read what latest research says about ability, mixed, pairing, small group and 1 to 1 instructional grouping. Basic summary use it all!– find your purpose, identify the standards you are addressing, look at your data and provide a.

Teacher Blog– Her Journey in a Dual Language Classroom

Through SpanglishBaby once again, we get a great link to a teacher blog. LearningIn2 is a blog by a teacher who teaches in a dual language classroom. She shares information on reading in two languages and what she does in her Dual Language classroom. Would be fun to have her build a network of other teachers in Dual Language classrooms so that they can capitalize on: Teaching experiences Exchange in.

Dual Language Learning in Early Childhood is Best for Young Children- Study

English Language Learners with Disabilities? A Great Resource for Districts, Schools, and Families

IMPACT Newsletter, a new resource from the University of Minnesota. The newsletter presents 18 short practitioner/teacher friendly articles focused on the needs of English Language Learners with disabilities. Articles include critical issues like ELLs with disabilities in a Response to Intervention framework by our own Dr. Julie Esparza Brown, issues related to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), resources for parents and professionals from a variety of fields including regular education,.

Great Free E-Book – The IEP Planner

Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness Tool: Benefits of Bilingualism and Linguistic Responsiveness Tool: Benefits of Bilingualism

The National Center of Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness and the Head Star Office has developed four practitioner or parent friendly briefs that discuss and celebrate cultural and linguistic diversity. The following is the title: internet security software reviews 2013 1. The Benefits of Being Bilingual Spanish version – Las Ventajas de Ser Bilingue 2. The Gift of Language Spanish version- El Don del Lenguage 3. Language in the Home and.

Spanglish Baby- Great Article: When Bilingualism is Confused with a Language Disability

Spanglish Baby- Great Article: When Bilingualism is Confused with a Language Disability

In this article on Spanglish Baby the author summarizes an article about a parent, who is a teacher, that discusses her experience when her child failed a screening for language delays at her son's school. This parent also learned that at her preschool all Spanish speakers had also failed it. When she went for a complete individualized evaluation she learned her son is developing just fine! She also found out.

Guidance for Teachers and Parents on Dealing with the Boston Marathon Violence

Latest Figures on the Growth of Bilingualism