What is Bilingual Special Education

The following link is a great resource that describes the characteristics and needs of students who are bilingual and need special education services. Baca and Cervantes are pioneers in the area and have a practical summary of the process for assessment and instruction for bilingual students having difficulties and possibly disabilities in our schools today. Follow the link to read the entire article.

Baca and Cervantes- LD Online Article

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Feedback for Regulations

Please share the following information with people you know maybe interested in sending public comments to the IDEA 2004 Regulations. The document should have appeared in the Federal Register update from 6/21. There will be 75 days for comments beginning with the publication of the regs in the Federal Register. Make your voice be heard!!

The Chicken or the Egg

Disability or language difference?

The purpose of this education blog is to create a forum for information, discussion, and projects on the evaluation and academic practices of school professionals serving Latino/Hispanic children having difficulties in school.