Excellent Book on Assessing Culturally & Linguistically Diverse St

Assessing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students: A Practical Guide by Robert, L. Rhodes, Salvador Hector Ochoa, and Samuel O. Ortiz (2005) Guilford press. (hhtp://www.guilfordpress.com)
This book is an excellent resource for special educators, school psychologists, regular education teachers, and case workers working with a diverse student population. This book focuses on the assessment process of English Language Learners (ELL) for eligibility for special education services. The book has three main points that make it so practical and effective. The first, the authors provide an in-depth explanation of the Multidimensional model they developed that allows all school professionals to look at children using various factors children bring into our educational system, Second the book addresses issues of disproportionate representation, acculturation, migration, culture, bilingualism and the pre-referral process in ways that are easy to understand for practitioners. The third is that the book provides reproducible worksheets, questionnaires that address acculturation, diversity and academic progress, and checklist ready to use. Feel free to post about this book.

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