Dual Language Abilities Study of Bilingual Four year old: Initial Findings

Tabors, P.O., Paez, M. M., Lopez, L.M. (2003). Dual Language Abilities of Bilingual Four-Year Olds: Initial Findings from the Early Childhood Study of langauge and Literacy Development of Spanish-speaking Children. NABE Journal of Research and Practice, Winter 2003, pp 70-91.

This article looked at the early literacy skills in Spanish and English for a sample of 344 bilingual children in MA, Maryland, and Puerto Rico and compared then to a control group of children. The results suggest that bilingual children are not different across groups on tasks of phonological awareness. Differences were found for the subgroup of students from MA and Maryland who scored significantly lower in oral language subtests of the Woodcock Language Proficiency battery in both languages when compared to the control group and the Puerto Rico subgroup. On average the children from Puerto Rico scored better that the MA and Maryland subgroup in Spanish oral language skills.

Read more by accessing the journal article. A follow up on this study is soon to come out as well!

Recommended Programs with Bilingual two way programs

The following website- an effort of the the Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory at Brown University, the National Bilingual Association and Boston College provides a short listing of quality programs for bilingual learners with direct links to read more on their websites. It includes information from around the nation. Good resource!!!

If you have more schools help me increase the list by postingo n this blog


One other program here in Boston, MA is the Joseph Hurley School which is highly supported by a strong parent association http://www.discoverhurley.org/faq.php

In Miami, FL the Coral Way Elementary School has also been idetified as a success story in Bilingualism and Biliteracy!