Supporting ELLs in Mainstream Classrooms by Maria Brisk, Project All

The following curriculum guide developed by Professor Maria Estela Brisk at Boton College provides an in depth primer for all school professionals on the ways to help ELL students. Some of the content of this guide include:

Our present national need
Generational differences of ELL students coming into your classoom
What can I do my first days in the classroom? How do I identify ELLs?
Determining levels of ELL (L2) development
Checking out the cumulative records of ELLs
How can I support ELLs language development in my class?
How does language affect the content areas?
How can I teach content, so ELL develop concepts?
What does effective teaching for ELLs look like?
Culturally responsive teaching
The SIOP model
What about Special Needs ELLs? Overrepresentation, Legal Precedents, and Evaluation
What about assessing ELLs? Federal Regulations
Assessing Academic Oral Language
Assessing ELL Content Knowledge
What about English only?
What if I don’t speak parents’ or students’ first language?
What should I do when students speak to each other in another language?
How can I find …….
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