ELL Assessment of linguistic differences vs learning disabilities

Maria Serpa, Ph.D. has designed a very comprehensive site with recommendations, readings, and comparison sheets regarding language differences versus learning disabilities. She includes recommendations for assessment practices and her professional opinions regarding standardized testing. She also has a section with readings on immigration patterns and special educations law and resources. Finally, she has a very nice section on differences between spanish speakers and the differences that they may bring to the English language learning process in respect to phonological awareness, grammatical influences, semantic influences, pragmatic contexts, and written language. Enjoy!

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Reading Rockets website-free online video on ELL assessment

I evaluated this afternoon a free 45 minute simultcast that discusses the assessment of English Language Learners and I was very pleased. This same theme of culturally competent practices were followed as the one of the video discussed in my previous blog entry and they even had a slide presentation to go along with it. Here is their offical description:

This 45-minute webcast is an introduction to assessment for teachers of English language learners. Dr. Lorraine Valdez Pierce will discuss performance-based and standardized assessments; assessment as a tool for informing instruction; use of assessment to reinforce reading comprehension; and student self-assessment and self-monitoring.

I would like to input from your own evaluations!!!

Reading Rockets Colorin Colorado Website

Also check out the research-based articles at the bottom of the page.

Culturally Competent Assessment Video presented at MATSOL/NABE 2006

This is the information, cost, and description of the video presented. It can be found at the Council for Exceptional Children organization http://www.cec.sped.org under products or you can call the number below. The description was taken directly from the website as to not misrepresent its content.

Portraits of the Children: Culturally Competent Assessment Video and CD-ROM

This award-winning video and CD-ROM highlight case studies that involve challenging learning issues and the practices necessary to provide culturally competent assessments for special education eligibility. Interviews with leading psychological assessment experts and viewpoints from experienced general educators, related services personnel, ESL specialists, administrators, and parents create meaningful discussion on the use of interpreters, bilingual assessment, and the role of culture, race, and language on school performance. The CD-ROM includes the complete video, plus four case studies, guided pre- and post-viewing discussion questions, Web site links, resources, information builders, and reference materials designed to supplement training initiatives. 2003, 37 minutes. ISBN 0865869806.

#S5573 $99.00/CEC Member $79.00
To order call 1-888-232-7733

Resources for the MATSOL/MABE conference session attendees

I would like to thank all of you who attended my session “Facilitating the Pre-referral and Special Education referral process for Hispanic Students Having Difficuties in Schools” at the MATSOL/MABE conference yesterday in Massachussetts. As promised, I would like to provide you with link to websites we discussed:

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities. This website provides information for parents and families about the process of the full referral to special education services and as well as their rights. This website includes printable brochures in multiples languages in many topics of interest to teachers and parents of children experiencing diffculties in school.

Intervention in School and Clinic (practitioner journal) is a joint publication of the Council for Learning Disabilities and Pro-Ed, Inc. For subscription you can go to Pro-Ed, Inc. The issues last fall focused on English language learners (ELLs) and the current issue volume 41, Number 4 has the following article of interest “Using Dynamic Assessment to Evaluate Children with Suspected Learning Disabilities” by Barbara Moore-Brown, Maria Huerta, Yvana Uranga-Hernandez, and Elizabeth D. Pena. In addition Alfredo Artiles and Beth Harry are interviewed on “Issues of Overrepresentation and Education Equity for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students.

For the Discovering IDEA/Descubramos IDEA video go to the Council for Exceptional Children website products’ link or you can call1-888-232-7733.

Council for Learning Disabilities
The Council for Exceptional Children and their practitioner publication “Teaching Exceptional Children” can be found at http://journals.sped.org/. Access to this journal is free and the following link has 4 great articles on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children and Language of Instruction is very informative the links are as follows:

Brice (2001) http://journals.sped.org/ec/archive_articles/VOL.33NO.4MARAPR2001_TEC_Article2.pdf
Articles (2005)
Salend and Salina (2003)
Schoen and Schoen (2003)
Montgomery (2001).

The also have a practitioner version of called Teaching Exceptional Children Plus which you might also enjoy.

I do hope you enjoy these resources and research articles on ELL students with academic difficulties. If you have any links to add or you would like to comment feel free to respond to this message. It is important to grow our community and the available resources. Again thank you and I hope you find these resources helpful.

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