Culturally Competent Assessment Video presented at MATSOL/NABE 2006

This is the information, cost, and description of the video presented. It can be found at the Council for Exceptional Children organization under products or you can call the number below. The description was taken directly from the website as to not misrepresent its content.

Portraits of the Children: Culturally Competent Assessment Video and CD-ROM

This award-winning video and CD-ROM highlight case studies that involve challenging learning issues and the practices necessary to provide culturally competent assessments for special education eligibility. Interviews with leading psychological assessment experts and viewpoints from experienced general educators, related services personnel, ESL specialists, administrators, and parents create meaningful discussion on the use of interpreters, bilingual assessment, and the role of culture, race, and language on school performance. The CD-ROM includes the complete video, plus four case studies, guided pre- and post-viewing discussion questions, Web site links, resources, information builders, and reference materials designed to supplement training initiatives. 2003, 37 minutes. ISBN 0865869806.

#S5573 $99.00/CEC Member $79.00
To order call 1-888-232-7733

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