Informal Reading inventory Spanish-English by Flynt and Cooter

This 1999 informal reading inventory called the “English-Espanol Reading Inventory for the Classroom” is a great tool for any teacher that has bilingual and ELL students in her/his classroom. According to the authors this IRI is intended for bilingual (Spanish-English)classroom teachers and special educators. It was constructed with native Spanish-speaking children in mind. Their focus is to provide teachers with information on how to guide the kind of teaching and classroom interventions from the results/outcome of the English-Espanol Reading Inventory for the Classroom (EERIC) in areas related to specific needs of children in bilingual or ELL classes, assessment of pre-reading skills, use of decoding strategies, reading aspects of print, focus on story elements and content elements, literal and higher order thinking/comprehension skills and miscue recording for ndetermining specific/diagnostic information for instruction. YOu can buy directly from Amazon. I give it a high rating!!!! Thumbs up.

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