Make a difference today for teachers working with ELL with special needs

Often times we want to help but don’t know how. We know English language learners need materials that can help them learn but often times they are the last ones thought about.

Today, through a great teacher, I heard of an incredible place online where you can help teachers in any state, city and or school you like by donating towards a project that YOU support.
Here is a teacher searching for a few IPODS for a listening center to help English language learners practice their reading fluency.

“My kids love audio books! I am a 4th grade teacher in a public school in Massachusetts, teaching special education and English language learners, who have been consistently reading below grade level and need something to HOOK them into reading – and a traveling listening center would do it!

One of the biggest problems I face is the lack of audio materials for my students. Because of the variety of needs of my students, I need them to have materials in the classroom, as well as home, to support their learning at school. In the past, my students and I have recorded fluency passages and our own stories onto CDs, but not all my students have computers or CD players to play them on, so they are unable to take them home. Additionally, some of my students in previous years were embarrassed to take CDs with book titles written on them onto the bus and around their classmates because they thought they might be teased.

Last year, one of my students asked me to record a story for her onto her iPod so she could take it on spring break and help her read the book she was interested in. I realized that iPods were the solution to my problem: if I could use iPod shuffles in the classroom (and set up a strict check-out procedure), we would be able to 1) record books so they could read along, 2) practice their fluency (which studies show to have a direct correlation to reading comprehension), and 3) help my English language learners with their oral language development. Additionally, using iPods would also allow me to teach them how to use an increasingly popular and practical piece of technology that they will most likely use throughout their lives. Using an iPod would also allow them to listen to audio books instead of music on an iPod when around their friends – and nobody would ever know!

If you support this project, you would be responsible for providing my students with the technology to track their reading, listen to stories of their interest to help with their comprehension, help them improve their reading fluency, and teach them that reading is fun! HIDE
Give $25
Give $25
To go: $447
Time left: 36 days
Any amount welcome.

My students need 5 iPod shuffles and 5 headphones for a portable listening center. The cost of this proposal is $446, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment ?.”

I endorse the mission of this great organization will you?
A real way to help teacher working with bilingual students with special needs– how better can that get?

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