RTI- School University Partnership Winter Networking Meeting in Boston, MA

Last Thursday February 25th, I hosted the 2nd Response to Intervention (RTI) networking event. The event hosted 45 teachers, principals, and other education administrators from Boston area elementary schools involved in a research study.
The goals of the event were to:
1. allow teachers and administrators to interact in meaningful ways about a RTI model being implemented in their schools
2. celebrate the professionalism of these educators making change for all students
3. showcase the educational research that has resulted from the study by presenting relevant findings and articles.

The event was divided into two sections. A short presentation on the effectiveness of RTI and in particular the impact we are having on the reading outcomes for ELLs, and then roundtable discussion facilitated by highly effective teachers in the participating schools. The roundtables discussions addresses core reading curriculum at all K-5 grades, Effective and Engagement Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions (specific focus on interventions for English Language Learners (ELL), and scheduling and progress monitoring strategies in a school implementing RTI. The pictures below showcase the event:

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