Federal Government takes Notice of Bilingual English Language Learners (ELL) failure in Boston


Today in the Boston Globe
First state targeted for not addressing the educational achievement gap between Latino bilingual students and our Anglo counter parts -California is Mass. next? Certainly Boston is next according to a major article in the Globe


The government wants real action to address the significant achievement gap for bilingual ELLs.

School Employees pushing parents to do English only programs discourage bilingual programs because of poor staffing is only the first problem they will have to respond to the fed….

Let’s hope the Obama administration really does address the need of bilingual learners specially for Latino students who represent 20% of students in Boston and a growing population in the US.

Help this happen– support and demand TWO WAY Bilingual Education Programs like the one at the Hurley Elementary in Boston.


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Professor Claudia Rinaldi is the Chair of the Education Program at Lasell University. Her areas of research are the implementation of the Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) framework in urban settings with English learners, teacher education in bilingual special education, and diversifying the teacher pipeline. Claudia has authored peer-reviewed publications and a book for educators called Practical Ways to Engage All Struggling Readers. She lead and developed a graduate certificate program in Teaching Bilingual Students with Disabilities for general, ESL and special education teachers geared towards applying research-informed practices to the questions and processes of identifying whether it is a language difference or a learning disability. Claudia developed a college mentoring program called Pathways to Teacher Diversity for districts and teacher education programs to partner in identifying and supporting underrepresented high school students interested in teaching careers to successfully access and persist in college. She serves in various boards including the National Center for Learning Disabilities and serves as an expert for Understood.org and the National Center for Intensive Interventions.

Professor Claudia Rinaldi believes that it is critical to prepare teacher leaders who may serve as advocates and allies and who will respond to the belief that all students can learn and succeed beyond barriers like culture, language, disability poverty, and marginalization in our country and globally.

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