Kolobok! A Russian Tale in Four Languages- A Culturally Enriching Children’s Story

As I get ready for the Forum and Networking Event: Response to Intervention (RtI): Operative Implementation for English Language Learners (ELLs) 1 day Institute on May 15th from 8:30-1:30. http://forumonrtiandells.eventbrite.com/
I received a wonderful give away prize KOLOBOK.

Kolovok is an innovative and charming new children’s tale from Natash Bochkov from Lingvaerium Books, LLC. They so graciously donated three books for a give away at the one day institute I am hosting with the MABE (see link about for more information and registration).

The hardcover work offers a wonderful tale that is presented in high quality paper, with wonderful pictures and with the ability to select a second, third, and fourth language (i.e. Spanish, Chinese, Russian). Of course you can also just select one or two languages alone! The books is layout out in English and sticker pages are provided to adapt the other language(s). What I love about it is that as a parent or teacher we can prioritize the child’s native language in the actual book rather than other bilingual books which always have the child’s native language under English! I love that, Thank you Natasha.

Their website is wonderful and provides activities for teachers and parents to follow the reading of the book. The educational resources include adapted lesson plans for grades K-2nd, based on the national and Massachusetts educational standards, coloring books and much more. Please visit and support this new innovative type of children literature at http://www.lingvaerium.com

Also don’t forget to register for the RTI event (lunch included) for only $75 dollars. We are having Dr. Janette Klingner, a national leader in the field of bilingual and special education, do the keynote! Considerations when Implementing RTI with English Language Learners. In this session, the presenter will discuss successes and challenges faced by educators implementing RTI in culturally and linguistically diverse schools as well as some of the assumptions underlying RTI than can be problematic for English language learners. She will provide recommendations for practice.

Forums will follow with highlights and outcomes on actual school implementation of RTI from my funded research project.
We have few spaces left so please register ASAP. Looking forward to meeting you all!


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