Hap Palmer Music- is a HIT for Developing Bilingual (Spanish-English) Oral Language Skills!

Hap Palmer a life longer musician has just released his latest music CD Learning In Two Languages Aprendiendo en dos idiomas. I evaluated this wonderful CD and couldn't wait to buy my copy and get one for my sons' teachers. The CD contains 30 songs in all areas of common topics children ages 3-10 use. It reinforces oral language skills, vocabulary development, and listening comprehension skills in a very engaging and fun way in Spanish and English. Its a perfect resource for teachers working with English language learners at all levels and even better for Two-Way Bilingual Programs.
It is really refreshing to see a children CD that does bilingual music in very simple yet planned and effective manner. Thank you Hap!

Don't forget to visit his website for more title on math, phonics, and etc. Hap I hope you consider growing your bilingual CDs!