A Spanish Response to Intervention (RTI) Resource! Worth a Look!

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 encourages Response to Intervention (RtI) models as a means to ensure appropriate instruction, progress monitoring, and alternative eligibility for learning disabilities.
RtI refers to a multi-tier method to address the individual needs of students who experience academic or behavioral difficulties by providing evidenced-based intervention and close progress monitoring while also decreasing the number of inappropriate referrals to special education (Fuchs, Fuchs, 2006; Klingner & Edwards, 2006). (Search for my previous entries on RTI)
The following pages provides a link to a wealth of teaching resources (i.e. actual worksheets developed b research teams experts in RTI) in Spanish in the areas of reading recommended by the National Reading Panel -Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Word Study, Vocabulary and Comprehension.

You can download worksheets or find presentation and many other resources for school administrators, teachers, parents, etc.

What I most excited is the Spanish worksheets!! Thumbs UP!

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