Web MD Find- Being Bilingual Boosts Brain Power

I wanted to share a great article I found on WebMD. This was sent to me to reference here so thank you Jeremy!
Please link here to access the entire article on WEdMD
Second Language Brain Benefits Start in Childhood, Study Shows
By Miranda Hitti

The study summary was published Oct. 13, 2004 and provides a summary of study conducted in England using neuroscience to evaluate the brain and differences among monolingual and bilingual individuals.

Here is a short excerpt:
— People who are bilingual have an advantage over the rest of us, and not just in terms of communication skills. The bilingual brain develops more densely, giving it an advantage in various abilities and skills, according to new research. Researchers Andrea Mechelli of London's Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience and colleagues, including experts from the Fondazione Santa Lucia in Rome, looked at brain densities of bilingual people. First, they recruited 25 people who speak one language, 25 who learned a second European language before age 5, and 33 who became bilingual between ages 10 and 15.
All the participants spoke English as their primary language. Those who had learned a second language later in life had practiced it regularly for at least five years.
Bilingual Brains Do Better!
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Read the entire article for a broader summary!