San Diego Unified School District and RTI-PBIS

What a great article on the outcomes for all children an in particular students with disabilities in San Diego. The district has been implementing a RTI-PBIS model and the biggest response has been less students referred for special education and more students making the benchmark.

Title of the article:
Calif. District Uses RTI to Boost Achievement for All

RTI-PBIS work highlighted in Boston Plan for Excellence

The Boston Plan for Excellence has just published their last BPE Newsletter that highlights the work of two schools that are part of the district’s Academic Achievement Framework (AAF). AAF refers to a braided multi-tiered system of support that incorporates RTI and PBIS in a coherent manner to support all students. This newsletter highlights the work of two schools, Gardner Pilot Academy and Blackstone Elementary School in Boston and how they have integrated to model to improve student success.

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