Agents of Change in RTI: What do teachers have to say about implementation

My most recent articles was just published in the International Journal of Whole Schooling

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The focus of the article is learning from teachers’ what is their perceptions of their implementation of a Response to Intervention (RTI) model. We conducted interviews about teacher perceptions of an RTI model during the second year of its implementation at an urban elementary school. Results were quite interesting and promising in this qualitative study and suggest that teachers’ perceptions of the RTI model grew more positive during the second year, compared to the first year of the model’s implementation.

Teachers told interviewers that the RTI model improved the special education referral process, progress monitoring practices, and the overall collaborative planning structures in their school. As part of the interviews and findings teachers also discussed the unique issues of referral of English language learners (ELLs). We also presented implications for practice.

We have another article coming in September on the teacher perceptions of implementation of RTI in year 3. It is schedule to come out in the September/Fall issue of the Journal of Education (Boston University). I will post on it as soon as it is available.

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What is a Culturally Relevant Book?

David and Yvonne Freeman in their latest book discuss this issue and how to evaluate a book as culturally relevant for your students.

Check out their perspective and Steven Krashen guidance on the subject as well in this link to Colorin Colorado website. Following the summary there is a list of children's books in English with clear description on topics related to culturally related topics.