No Dual Language Program for My Son!

I just finished reading an articleon a wonderful site titled No Dual Language Immersion School for My Son’

This mother, a Colombian born like me, just heard that her son didn’t make the lottery for the Dual language-two way school in California. I felt so sad because I remember being at that moment 5 years ago when I received notice that my son, now in 3rd grade in a two-way dual language school in Boston, was waitlisted. I don’t understand why we are limited in our choices, why do we wait to teach our children a second language until they get to high school. How do we create equity for all students when we don’t equip them with the right tools and opportunities– like becoming bilingual/multilingual. Why do we send them the message that their language must be sacrificed at the expense of learning and living in an English only “world” until they get to high school and then we tell them that they need to be prepared for a “global” community. Make your voice heard! Let’s organize to promote more dual language schools.
Here are some strategies I tried and worked for now:
1. Ask about a wait list and get on it
2. Call the district office and follow up on the wait list and do the same at the school every week.
3. Don’t give up!
4. Call when school starts and let them know you are waiting for a spot and you would like to know how many students have not shown up the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd week–schools must open spots after that point
5. Try for a transfer during the school year
6. Try again for next year
7. Get involved with the parent group and perhaps they have other ideas

Good luck to all the professionals and parents who believe that all children deserve a school experience that prepares them to be global learners– dual language school (AKA Two way programs)

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