Ed Week’s Web Resource on Dual Language Education

This week I would like to highlight two resources on Dual Language Education:

1. Ed Week’s Section on Dual Language Education by Leslie A. Maxwell. This webpage summarizes current research on dual language education programs better known as two-way bilingual education programs where 50% of students are English dominant and 50% are Spanish dominant (or other language) and the curriculum is provide equally in both languages. This webpage has videos, articles, and latest research on the benefits of this type of education programs that is on the rise in the US (it seems silly to say this part as Europe works very much this way and kids learn more than 2 language most of the time). In the latest post you can see a video of a program in CA where children experience literacy activities in Spanish and English. http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/learning-the-language/2012/04/a_look_inside_a_dual_language.html

2. Diary of a Bilingual School is the second resource I am highlighting this week. The book is an account of a dual language program over a year. In their description, “the book focuses on Chicago’s Inter-American Magnet School, one of the nation’s most acclaimed dual immersion programs, where children thrive in an environment that unlocks their intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Simultaneously, without conscious effort, they become proficient in two languages and at home in a culture that differs from their own”. Its free on Kindle this week -click here to access

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