Looking for an RTI tool for Science?

I just finished reading the article Progress Monitoring to Support Science Learning for All Students by my colleague Kimberly Vannest and co-authors. In this article she presents a progress monitoring strategy for science and perhaps even a way to think about it for social studies/history, etc. The idea is simple lets identify the key words by grade level from state standards, curriculum, and experts in the field and create a probe that would allow the teacher to measure how well the students are learning those concepts over the year. Yes, this is called curriculum-based measurement and it works. In fact it has 30 years of research backing it up. To read the how to article please visit the Council for Exceptional Children website and under the publications look for Teaching Exceptional Children journal -July/August 2012 vol.44 (6) pages 66-72.
Dr. Vannest also has developed a free online web tool that will help you create this method for progress monitoring using key words so visit her free website Data to Knowledge (D2K)at http://d2k.tamu.edu/index.php
Thanks Kimber– great work!

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