Read Conmigo a Great Website of Bilingual Reading Materials

Looking for bilingual reading options? Visit Read Conmigo
The website has resources for parents, children, and teachers. You can even submit your story for potential publication.
Teacher can also print out resources and worksheets.
Signing up is free and you get access to 26 books and a report on a study they did on the use of tablets for reading bilingual books in the classroom.

You can also share with other bilingual families and educators via their social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

One book I just downloaded is called ” A Resolution for Maria La Mariposa”. When I clicked on the download it gave me the option to downloaded it to desktop/laptop, tablet, kindle, or you can view it as an e-book. The book was written in English and Spanish, the graphics were beautiful, and it was appropriate for younger readers through 3rd grade. Parents can read it to their child or if the child is an independent reader he or she can read it themselves. The book has activities that include a word search and en extensive list of comprehension questions. Remember parents– read it once your self, encourage co-reading, and encourage your child to read the last time — this will help build fluency in reading!

The kids portion of the website has several online and printable activities as well. They even have a “Community Events” option of resources for schools that want to have a literacy night at school. It LOOKS LIKE TEACHERS CAN REGISTER THEIR CLASS, although you will problably need to contact the directly for more specific instructions. I love it!

Visit them and promote them.

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