Winner of the “Standout Tools for Professional Development” Teachers Choice Award

I am proud to announce that my co-authored book “Practical Ways to Engage All Struggling Learners” has won the “Standout Tools for Professional Development” Teachers Choice Award by from the Learning Magazine.

Here is the description of the book and you can even access a sample chapter. This professional guide was written to instantly address today’s challenging classrooms. Using educational data to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses is critical to planning appropriate core instruction plus tier 2 and 3 strategic interventions. You will learn how to implement the multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework; how to pinpoint a student’s basic reading skills; and how to continuously monitor their progress so that you know when to use targeted curriculum materials(e.g., hi-lo books) that support reading success.

I feel excited and humbled that teachers reviewed and selected it. I hope more find it helpful as it will be publicized in their publications which reach over 75,000+ registered teachers.

Here is the official announcement link as well

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