Study on Dual Language Programs in Portland Demonstrate Benefit for ALL

A study conducted by the RAND Corporation, Portland Public Schools, and the American Council for International Education supported by an Institute of Education Science grants evaluated the benefits of dual language two-way programs in reading, math, and science outcomes.  Although they are not done with the study analysis, they published initial findings November 2015:
” the study examines the effects of dual-language immersion (DLI) on student achievement. The study’s goals are to
1)estimate the causal impact of immersion education on student
achievement in mathematics, English language arts, and science,
2) examine how this effect differs for native English speakers versus native speakers of other languages,
3) illuminate the variation in instructional practices among immersion programs and between immersion and non-immersion classes in DLI schools, and
4) document the costs of immersion instruction in the district

Main finding– students in dual language two-way program were 7 to 9 months ahead of student in non-dual language programs in reading outcomes according to state data.  Great finding supporting the need for more dual language programs around the country

To read the executive summary findings click here

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