Interview on the Forefront of Education in the Lasell Leaves Alumni Magazine

I wanted to share this article that they did on what we are working on in my current position as Chair of the Education Department at Lasell College.  The two main initiatives are integrating the TeachLive simulators into our courses and the recruitment of minorities students into the field of education.

We currently have first-year students interact in the TeachLive classroom by having them introduce a lesson while managing typical classroom behaviors.  For second year students, we will be engaging the delivery of a reading lesson or reading assessment.  For third year students, we will get the opportunity to practice a parent-teacher conference Finally, seniors will move the parent-teacher conference to a referral to special education.  The video shows a short demonstration.

The other aspect of the interview focused on developing a pipeline fro high school to college by encouraging minority students in neighboring districts to become teachers.

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