Looking for Professional Development Presentation for Supporting English Learners with Disabilities?

Teacher and administrators continue to have challenges in the identification of Bilingual English Learners with Disabilities. There are now more resources being cited in state education agency pages.  I wanted to update a few here:

  1.  Council for Chief School State Officers (CCSSO)- English Learners with Disabilities Guide https://ccsso.org/resource-library/ccsso-english-learners-disabilities-guide 
    • This guide provides a great summary at the state level of how to support bilingual ELs, the role of states, districts, and schools.  It highlights 3 states with links to their forms and resources.  The guide was developed by CCSSO and advice by many researchers in the field including me
  2.  A new book by Haas and Brown (2019) called Supporting English Learners in the Classroom: Best Practices for Distinguishing Language Acquisition from Learning Disabilities from Teachers Press.  Julie has done an amazing job of making the content accessible for teachers with practical ways to understand it and next steps for practice.


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