Teaching Resources for Working with Students with Special Needs

Just out! A great resource for teachers and parents for working with students with disabilities via remote and virtual learning

1. https://www.educatingalllearners.org/for-educators. Education for All Alliance is new alliance of an organization
Coronavirus is posing unprecedented challenges to public schools around the country. To help ensure the continuity of special education services during remote instruction and to spotlight best practice approaches for schools and educators, an alliance of national education organizations has come together to ensure equity for all learners.  EducatingAllLearners.org creates a hub of curated tools, strategies, tips and best practices for supporting students with disabilities online.  Our goal is to both curate and creates special education resources for

2. The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) has created a similar resource list with a focus on students with learning and attention issues. Their link is here https://www.ncld.org/covid19

3. For Spanish Speaking parents, UNDERSTOOD.org also creates a resource in Spanish to help families. The resource can be found here.

4. Lastly, I created a video today that speaks to Latino parents of College/University students and how they can help their young adults finish the semester and prepare for the fall. Some of my current students struggles inspired me to do this short almost two-minute video in Spanish


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