Recent Reports on Supporting Bilingual English Learners

There are a few reports that have recently come out about Massachusetts on of Bilingual English Learners with Disabilities coming out from education agencies and educational organizations that address specifically the needs of bilingual English learners. Some of the key points in all this reports include:

  1. Understanding the populations of students who are multilingual and bilingual and who are also learning English
  2. Guidance on Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and how bilingual/ multi -ingual English Learners
  3. Position on how eligibility for special education can be evaluated for bilingual/ multi-lingual English Learners
  4. Examples and videos from the field that capitalized on pockets of excellence
    Guidance from Support for English Learners with Disabilities (2019) Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Number 1 for Some (2019) Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership

Assessment of English Learners with Disabilities, TESOL International

English Learners in Massachusetts (2018) Migration Policy Institute

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