Surviving in the “New Normal” of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Meeting the needs of bilingual English learners with disabilities

As schools and districts across the nation scramble to adjust to the new realities of distance learning, what does this shift mean for students identified as both bilingual English learners and students with disabilities?

What are the biggest challenges and successes in supporting learners and their families?

Please post any thoughts, feelings, and resources you would like to share with others.


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  1. Here are a couple of short videos from the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) that highlight important information about access and privacy. I found the video on privacy really helpful for understanding some of the restrictions around providing instruction to learners with disabilities (e.g., can’t require that kids “show” themselves on camera and can’t use anything that might unintentionally identify kids/possibly disclose disability no anyone — super important for any group work!). Something to consider is how this information is different/additional for bilingual/multilingual learners. What cultural, linguistic, and other assumptions can leave learners and families behind?

    CEC Quick Take: Student Privacy

    CEC Quick Take: Accessibility


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