Resources in Autism & other Disabilities in Spanish for families.

This padlet is a great website for parents who needs resources to support their children with Autism during COVID-19. This page provides information for parents on what is Autism, how to explain COVID-19 to students with Austimo, help for families and strategies for supporting learning. See the link here

For more general resources on how to support students with disabilities to learn, also has great resources for students and families and a great teacher section with videos of educators showcasing effective ways to teach students with learning and attention issues on line. also provide a great conglomerate of resources from educators working remotely with students with disabilities. For example here is a teacher doing speech and language therapy online for a K student using Remote Parent Coaching For other demonstration of teachers addressing a growth mindset and mindfulness virtually follow this link

Another organization focused on helping students and educators succeed during online learning is the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

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