Book Alert: Bilingual Special Education for the 21st Century: A New Interface (2023)

If you remember the Bilingual Special Education Interface book by Leornard Vaca and Hermes Cervantes in 2003, you will be excited to see this newly updated publication in the field. Profs. Gliset Colόn and Tamara O. Alsace , the editors of the book, Bilingual Special Education for the 21st Century: A New Interface (ISBN: 9781799890430) recently published this book that brought together various authors addressing the unique needs of bilingual and multilingual learners with disabilities. The chapter authors, including myself, present the latest research supporting students who are bilingual and have special education needs across a variety of areas, including MTSS and the Special Education Referral Process, Writing Culturally and Linguistically Data-Driven IEPs, and After the IEP: Providing Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Specially-Designed Instruction and other relevant areas. The editors also held four different seminars with chapter authors to highlight what educators can take back to the field in a friendly panel format. See the link for more information on the recordings. The chapters in this new volume include

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