Multilingual, Emergent Bilingual and Newly Arrived Students- webinar review

In this webinar, you will hear three presenters Sara V NiƱo, Jessica Lander, Akira Gutierrez Renzulli, Diana I Santiago, Esq., and Claudia Rinaldi, Ph.D. discuss the current challenges, successes, and opportunities to support multilingual learners who are learning English and who may also have a disability. From the perspective of a K-12 educator, professional developer, Education Lawyer, policy analyst, and professor in teacher education, come and listen about latest research and its connections to practice in the field. The webinar recording is available and free

Below is the description in the website
“Promoting Equity Through Community

Feeling a sense of belonging is essential to all learning. For early childhood and K-12 education professionals, ensuring that each learner feels visible, connected, and understood is an ongoing process deeply rooted in the concept of equity. By elevating the experiences of multilingual, emergent bilingual, and newly arrived learners in US schools, early childhood and K-12 education colleagues have an opportunity to exchange practices that promote equity and improve learning outcomes for all students. 

In this interactive webinar, participants are invited to engage in a critical discussion about the power equity has on elevating the quality of education for all students. Drawing on the professional and personal experiences of our panelists, we will engage in conversation about current challenges and opportunities for promoting belonging for learners and their families of all backgrounds. Together, participants and panelists will explore ways to engage with their communities to identify effective practices and generate shared solutions that support equitable learning experiences.”

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