Maria B. Serpa, Ed.D.

Dr. Maria B Serpa, Professor Emerita of Education & TESOL Bilingual-Special Education at Lesley University, MA, USA, where she has served in several roles including Director of the Graduate Teacher Education Programs in Moderate Disabilities (Monolingual & Bilingual) for fifteen years. Her teaching career spans from elementary to college teaching and professional learning from K-12 to  Higher Education. Most of her academic research and practice has been focused on nondiscriminatory assessment  (bi)Literacy/dyslexia, UDL, and culturally and linguistically responsive IEPs. She earned a doctorate in Bilingual Special Education from Boston University MA USA and her dissertation research focused on Portuguese Reading and Assessment;  a Masters in Special Education and a second Bachelors in Elementary Education from UMass Boston. Her passion for facilitating effective and joyful learning for every learner with and without disabilities is guided by a growth mindset, the UDL framework and a commitment to equity. She is a proficient Bilingual Professional who loves music and spending time with friends and family